Revisiting the Nest of the Bird Men of Cape Cod

In the World War II movie Twelve O'clock High former commander Gregory Peck returns to the derelict air base in England where he served during the most hazardous days of the war for American airmen. As he surveys the abandoned buildings and grass-grown air strips, the roar of B-17 engines and the radio crackle of bombing crew voices flood his memory.

The movie came to mind recently as I stood at the top a high hill on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.... Read More

Shark Bait

Although Great White Sharks are pretty much off all our shores, Chatham waters are the epicenter for the shark population. Stop by and say hello if you're in the neighborhood.

For information about the book, check out this recent article in the Cape Cod Chronicle. And this article in the Barnstable Patriot.

“What a character. Aristotle Socarides is a diver, a fisherman, and a PI who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. He’s the brainchild of a genius—Paul Kemprecos—who knows a thing or two about writing action and adventure. I bow to the master and urge all of you to read this latest installment in a first rate series.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times and #1 Internationally Bestselling Author

"Absolutely the best private-eye mystery I've read. I can't wait for the next one."
"There can be no better mystery writer in America today than Paul Kemprecos."

—Clive Cussler, New York Times
Bestselling Author

Bookcover The God in the Sea by Paul Kemprecos

I am pleased to announce that my book The Minoan Cipher, the second in the Matt Hawkins series, was nominated for a Thriller award by the International Thriller Writers. The book was one of five finalists in the Best Paperback Original category for 2017. The winner was announced at the Thrillerfest awards banquet in New York. The organization’s annual conference brings together a thousand writers, readers, editors and agents. The ITW has around 3800 members in forty-seven countries. Its membership represents more than three billion books in print.

How Killing Icarus Got Its Wings

Writers are often asked where they get the ideas for their books.
For my part, inspiration has come from newspapers, television, other books and everyday observations of the world around me.

Killing Icarus is a bit different. The seed for my 19th book was planted by chance... Read More and purchase the book

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Book cover of Paul Kemprecos new book called Killing Icarus

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Bookcover of The God in the Sea by Paul Kemprexos

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The God in the Sea

“It Was A Dark and Stormy Night”

The idea for my novelet Poison Ivy came to me as I was driving through the bucolic Cape Cod village of Yarmouth Port on scenic Route 6A.
     The Old King’s Highway winds past a small park bordered by elegant houses, including one that had belonged to Edward Gorey, the well-known artist-writer whose distinctive drawings provide the backdrop for the Mystery television series. After Gorey’s death, the house became a museum exhibiting his humorously macabre work. Read More

Released in February 2024

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Killing Icarus released July 13, 2021

The God in the Sea released February 24, 2024

There can be no better mystery writer in America than Paul Kemprecos.” - Grandmaster of Adventure Clive Cussler


The winter job as mate aboard a charter boat in the Florida Keys was going to be a financial boon for fisherman-diver and private detective Aristotle “Soc” Socarides. But The Fates who spin the threads of destiny had woven Soc’s life into a tapestry of their own design.

Soc may have to sell his own boat, the Thalassa II, to avoid a family break-up .... Read More